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From mum to mum,

This is the story of Xènia and Isi, two non-conformist mums from Barcelona who set out on a creative journey in 2010 to make dummy holders with a difference.

Our dream was to use our experience as mothers to make a dummy holder that would meet our most demanding expectations.
With this desire in mind and with hours of hard work, we created Kokolala, a safe, original dummy holder designed for babies to be safe in style.

A product with an original design, made in top-quality fabrics with over 20 different prints, all machine-washable.

The idea for the brand name came from Isi’s little daughter, who wanted a glass of cola and said “Mummy, can I have a Kokolala?”
And that’s where the story begins, the story of two mums who want to convince other mums not to settle for things just as they are and really give their children the very best.


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